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Keyboardist Joe Haley
Joe has been playing for 28 years. He started out playing bass guitar, influenced by Jonathan Cain of Journey and his favorite band the Eagles, he quickly picked up playing keyboards at the Andy Kucheck school of music. His past bands included, The Weeries, Meer Control. He then started his own hard rock band Shadow Road from '90-'94. Joe put playing on the back burner in 1995 to concentrate on personal matters but is back on the music scene with KICKBACK. Joe's choice of instruments is a Korg M1 synthieser music station, a Kurweil 76 key electric piano and a Roland M10 synthieser. Joe's bass guitars consist of a Ibanez Roadster and a Bass Collection bass, powered by Roland and Peavey amplification. 


Guitarist Joel " The Doctor" Fischer
Joels been playing on and off for 35 years, playing in bands, Bad Analolgy '00-'01, Tequila Rose '03-'04 and Sour Mash '04-'06. Joels playing style has been influenced by Duane Allman, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler to name a few. His choice of instruments is a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a 1952 Re-issue Fender Telecaster, he amplifies them through a Fender Hot Rod Deville amp.


Lead Vocalist – Stan Michael
Stan, a lifelong native New Yorker, has been performing/recording for over 25 years. As lead singer/frontman in cover bands such as ROUND TRIP, BIG BEAT, FLING, FLIRT to HURT, and original bands, THE STAX and currently, THE CHEAP VIBES, he has played throughout New York and New Jersey. While reviewing Stan’s 1st solo CD, One Nite Stan, in 2009, Tom Wright (music critic for the Staten Island Advance) said, ”Stan smartly deploys his arsenal of vocal techniques. Like a carefree musical chameleon he can switch from a raspy shout or numbing wail, to the pure innocence of a choir- boy. Sometimes it’s hard to believe you are listening to the same singer.” Stan is a high-energy entertainer whose enthusiasm is infectious and you’re sure to be swept off your feet, dancing and singing along with him.  


Drummer Dan Dedea
Originally from Pennsylvania, Dan made his way to New Jersey some 30 years ago, joining original bands such as Jimi Gear and S.S. Steele he developed a style to call his own. Influenced by the likes of Rick Derringer, Humble Pie, Montrose and Pat Travers, Dan brings with him, a foundation of rock and roll with a tall order of blues. Besides holding down the back beat for KICKBACK he has an original project called TRNZPRNT that keeps his creative juices flowing. Dan's choice of drums are Ludwig with a nice assortment of Paiste, Sabian and Zildian cymbals.


Guitarist Mark Scimeca

Originally from Sayreville, New Jersey, Mark picked up a guitar for the first time at age 11. Has played in numerous cover and original bands and was a former band mate of Jon Bon Jovi, sharing the stage with the band “Atlantic City Expressway”. You can hear some of Marks influences, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Page and David Gilmour to name a few, in his playing style. His choice of instruments are a Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Chet Atkins Tennessean all played through Fender and Peavey amps.


Tom Bonassisa–Bass Guitar 

Tom was born in Long Island, but he grew up in Greece, because his parents decided to go back in 1981. He’s been playing gigs since age 20 and played in both original and cover bands, as well as being a session musician for many top notch musicians. He not only plays the bass, but has a dynamic vocal range and occasionally strums the acoustic guitar! Tom plays a Fender Precision bass through a Fender bass amp as Fender is his choice for all his gear.