When it comes to blending music, fun, and performing, The KICKBACK Band has the right ingredients and knows the recipe down cold. They bring all the elements of a great live performance together, making sure everyone has a great time and the music mix is perfect.


The KICKBACK Band was formed in 2006 by former Shadow Road bassist / keyboardist Joe Haley. Since that time the band has gone through quite a few member changes but in July 2013 the three original members, lead guitraist Joel "The Doctor" Fishcer, Bassist Tony Guerrieo and founding member keyboardist Joe Haley decided to bring in a few new members to give KICKBACK a fresh new sound. 

They then brought in veteran lead guitarist Mark Scimeca. With Mark's experience on the music scene and his array of influences and his playing style, he gives KICKBACK a new range of material that only KICKBACK can cover.

They were lucky to find veteran drummer Dan Bedea between bands to hit the skins. With Dan's driving style, he gives KICKBACK a new steady groove that most cover bands can only wish to duplicate.

In January of 2013, veteran bassist Tom Bonassisa joined the all star line up. Tom's experience. unique bass lines and vocals, KICKBACK has taken it to the next level.

In 2018, lead vocalist Stan "the Man" decided to leave the band to pursue other musical interests. Keeping to their song catalog and after extensive audtions, they decided to join forces once again with their original lead singer Dean "Dino" Martinez. Dean's extensive  background in the music field, vocal range and high energy keeps the KICKBACK show alive and well...



More than a cover band, The KICKBACK Band is a musical experience. Playing for more than 12 years, the band offers a fantastic mix of professionalism and talent. Trading vocals and styles, they move from one genre to another, recreating hits of today and classics from decades past flawlessly. It is almost as if the songs were meant for the band.