Keyboardist Joe Haley

Joe has been playing since he was 15 years old on bass guitar, influenced by Jonathan Cain of Journey and his favorite band The Eagles, he quickly picked up playing keyboards at the Andy Kucheck school of music. His past bands included, The Weeries , Meer Control and Free Drinx before starting his own original band Shadow Road from '90 - '94. Joe put playing on the back burner in 1995 to concentrate on personal matters before forming The KICKBACK Band 2006.

Bassist Craig Mawhinney

Craig Mawhinney got his first ruby sparkeld bass at age 11 and was hooked for life after nailing down the bass line to "Cold Gin" by Kiss. Some of his influences are bassist Gene Simmons (Kiss),  Dennis Dunaway ( Alice Cooper Band), Sting and of course Paul McCartney. Craig is a Berklee Grad and looks forward to laying down some solid grooves in KICKBACK.

Lead Guitarist Bill "Willie" Doyal

Bill has been playing guitar since age 15, so you do the math. ..Deeply into classic rock and the blues, Bill brings a harder age to the band. Bill only uses Fender guitars and cranks on Orange Amplification. 

Lead Vocalist Nancy Manuelian

Nancy Manuelian has been singing since she was 17 years old she was influenced by Donna Summer, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt and Pat Benatar. Her past bands include City, Alias Romance,  Protege',  The Joy of Six and Kopy Cat. She loves being on stage and is looking forward to bringing KICKBACK to the next level.. 

Drummer Kirk Chang

Kirks's musical journey started with classical music at the tender age of  6 when he first studied violin. He picked up guitar in middle school and later he found his passion in drumming.  Some of his influences include Steve Gadd,  Bernard Purdie and Stewart Copeland. He brings his own special groove to KICKBCK to make people get up and dance.